Ty Dolwar Our Home.
Gellfechan and it’s last Family.
Gellfechan (small cell) is now a ruin above Barmouth in Gwynedd North West Wales. The book is a perfect bound paperback and tells of the struggle of running a mountain farm from the 1930’s. You may have passed it on the way to the renowned Panorama walk or maybe you have yet to find it, whichever, this colourful little book will give you an insight about the place and it’s former occupants. Gellfechan lies close to the National Trust property ‘Dinas Oleu’ and is an ideal place for a picnic, with spectacular views of Barmouth an the Lleyn Peninsular. There are photographs of past and present in the book which really is a good companion if you plan on visiting the hills above Barmouth. With very few copies of the book left we have decided to keep the story going we can provide a PDF copy of the book for £1, if you would like one we will email it to you.


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